College For Kids featured in The Gazette

College For Kids provides middle school students with a chance to experience advanced and unique curriculum that can spark an interest that may become a passion and a pathway to a future career. Check out this great piece by The Gazette about the impact of the hands-on learning opportunities at Grant Wood AEA’s College For Kids.

College For Kids summer enrichment program sees record attendance


College For Kids: Design Squad team wins challenge

Congratulations to one of the teams in the Design Squad class at Grant Wood AEA’s College For Kids for being named a winner of the Rube Goldberg Challenge! These students put their heads together to devise an unconventional solution using the lessons learned in Design Squad. The Rube Goldberg Challenge is a DIY (Do It Yourself) challenge where participants utilize critical and creative thinking skills to solve simple problems through the creation of a complex invention. To learn more about the Rube Goldberg Challenge, check out their website at

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College For Kids: Math Power!

The students in Brian Reynolds’s Math Power class at Grant Wood AEA’s College For Kids used their hands-on problem solving skills to apply math to real-life situations! In today’s class, Reynolds had the students calculate the number of license plates possible in Iowa, the number of ways to organize seven books, and possible combinations of people for sports teams using techniques of probability, factorials, and permutation. Math Power and classes like it at Grant Wood AEA’s College For Kids can help kids maintain and improve their academic skills over the summer, one fun math problem at a time!